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What’s involved in Pre-Arrangement?

Pre-arranging all the details of your funeral, cremation or memorial service can be very informal and as simple as completing our complimentary memorial guide. This free guide shares your basic written wishes with your family. More formal arrangements can be made through our funeral home in the form of a pre-arrangement agreement, which can include the pre-funding of your plans through a wide variety of financial and/or insurance policy vehicles.



Our funeral prearrangement services include:


  • Dedicated professionals who can arrange private consultations at no cost or obligation at any one of our funeral homes or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
  • Written and detailed recording of your family information
  • Written and detailed recording of your unique wishes and desires.
  • Assistance in selecting "just the right" services and merchandise to meet your individual needs.
  • Complete review of all our flexible and affordable funding options.
  • Complimentary Memorial Guide.
  • As many copies of your plan as you desire to give to family members, personal estate planner, executor of your estate or attorney.
  • Complimentary tour of our facilities so you can meet our staff and see for yourself how our professional caring attitude makes Peoples Funeral Home the better choice.
  • At People’s Funeral Home, we're proud that our pre-funded funeral prearrangement plans are registered with the proper state and federal agencies.
  • Our plans fully qualify for Kentucky SSI and or Medicaid recipients.
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