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Questions Your Funeral Director Can Answer

Our staff of trained and certified funeral specialists desire to make the pre-planning process as easy and hassle free for you as possible.  They can provide the insight, experience and professional counseling you deserve, free of charge or obligation. By meeting with us you receive qualified answers to individual questions such as:

  • What vital papers are needed to collect death benefits due me?
  • When a death occurs, who should be contacted first?
  • Will you choose burial or cremation?
  • Where will the funeral service be?  In a church, in our chapel, or someplace else?
  • Who will officiate? What readings, verses or poems will be read?
  • Will there be music? What are your favorite musical selections?
  • Is there going to be a reception after the service? If so, where? Who will cater?
  • What casket will you choose?
  • Do you need a burial vault?
  • If you choose cremation, will your cremated remains be scattered or buried? Where?
  • If I move, does my funeral plan and protection move with me? If so, how?
  • Do you offer convenient, affordable payment plans?
  • How does funeral pre-arrangement affect Social Security or Medicaid?
  • I'm a veteran. Does the VA pay me any burial benefits? If so, how much?
  • How much does Social Security provide me for final expenses?

The choice is yours, as personal as you wish, made with us in total confidence - without undue pressure. Think carefully about what will be best for you and your family, and fully discuss why you desire certain arrangements and accompanying merchandise. By doing so today, you are assured peace of mind for you and your loved ones before the time of need.

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