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Pet Memorials

The loss of a loyal and loving family pet is devastating. Pets give us so much and they ask for so little in return. All they want is our love and friendship. Unfortunately, their lives are short and when they are gone they leave a huge void in our hearts and home.


Many pet owners choose to honor and remember their friend and family member through the perfect pet memorial. Peoples Funeral Home and Monument Company offer a wide array of distinctive and unique pet memorials. Hand carved in American Granite can be your pets name; a picture of your pet; a special memorial epitaph or a treasured picture of you and your pet. This is just the beginning. We off small garden monuments and markers, garden benches, and specialized carvings of your pet that you can display inside your home.


Cal or stop by our Butler Funeral Home location for more information. We would be honored to help you remember your special pet in a lasting tribute to their love and devotion to you!

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